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A Memory Grows is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that serves as an outreach to grieving parents, and as a resource to hospitals, clinics, hospice groups, churches and other nonprofit organizations.

“October 15th was our first unborn child’s due date. So it just all fit perfectly that I found this great event to attend. I surprised her with a date night and the first thing she did was cry. She was worried and apprehensive about people seeing her cry, until she saw others hurting/healing too. We loved it. You guys don’t understand how much you helped our family. We can breathe again. We know the future may still have ups and downs and setbacks…but now we have hope. Now we know we are not alone in this. Thank you for everything”

-Parents of Baby J

“My husband and I attended our first retreat honoring our twins that passed away in October. This was such a special time for us to talk about our children and meet other parents that have been through something similar. We took away new lifelong friendships and items we made honoring our children. We were nervous going in and by the end of the weekend we did not want to leave. DeAndrea has a big heart and truly cares for each family. We are so glad we went. It was a very special weekend.”

-Parents of Grace and Dillan

“My husband and I just returned from the School Aged Child Loss Retreat at the Iron Horse Inn in Granbury. We are so thankful we had the opportunity to spend this time together in the fellowship of other grieving families and under the thoughtful, caring and extremely insightful guidance of DeAndrea Dare. We felt safe and comfortable sharing our story, learning about the grief process and learning ways that we can carry on and move forward while always remembering and honoring the life and legacy of our son.”

-Parents of Nathan

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After a child dies it seems that time has stopped and yet the world keeps on moving.  Our hearts break and our minds race and yet no one can see or feel that which is happening inside of us.  We all grieve differently and sometimes the ways that we grieve are misunderstood by others and even by ourselves.  This is why it is so important to find others who are walking a similar path who can truly relate to what we are thinking and feeling.


When navigating the journey of grief it is often helpful to read what others have written, find helpful tools for the day, be inspired by another’s courage or even to sit and listen to the words of music.
These resources are helpful for both the parent who has lost a child as well as others who desire to provide the gift of presence and meaningful support to those who are grieving.


Walking Into Healing

Two days ago I walked out of the hospital where my three children were born.  That statement in itself may not sound strange to you but to me it closed a part of my life and journey in a way that most would never know. For years I had watched women be rolled out of hospitals holding babies wrapped in special blankets and sweet clothes.  I had wanted to be like them.  Three and a half years ago I was rolled out in a wheelchair holding nothing but a box that contained a beautiful mold of my son's footprints and a few other pictures and mementos that would become the most special possessions that I will most likely ever have.  I was one of them, I was a mother, but I was not like them because I knew sadly that the world would not see my son in my arms

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If there is one word that I use to describe my son Max, it is love. Pure and simple. Love. I have loved and been loved my entire life but something happened within me while I was expecting him and then when he was placed in my arms that goes beyond description or even full understanding. All of our hopes and dreams, all of our plans, all of our expectations shattered into a million and one fine shreds on the floor when we realized that none of them would come true. Reality is often harsh and painful and raw. But, despite all of the pain and grief and sorrow the one emotion that that remained and even seemed to get stronger moment by moment day by day was the love that I held for my little boy. In the beginning I could hardly get out of bed but I

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