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Holiday Resources


Grieving during the holiday's can be an incredible winding path to navigate.  As the holiday lights twinkle and radios play It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year on repeat, those whose hearts are breaking find

Holiday Resources2020-11-30T20:36:54+00:00

Santa and Max


It is a place I've been going to for years. I always feel like a walking fashion faux pas the minute I step foot in the doors. My friend Kristie and I have spent

Santa and Max2017-12-23T13:54:53+00:00

Blue Christmas by Lisa Dalton


My name is Lisa Dalton. I am a mother of 4 living children and 2 sweet babies who will forever be alive in my heart and in my memories. This is my story… My

Blue Christmas by Lisa Dalton2017-12-05T18:13:53+00:00

Never Forgotten


“Do you know them?” A very simple question. A headline among at least 20 others. I immediately stopped scrolling and started reading. Thirteen “unclaimed” homeless veterans would be laid to rest at DFW National Cemetery.

Never Forgotten2017-04-26T20:11:19+00:00

Retreat Reflections by Katie Shenck


My husband & I are forever grateful for our time spent at the first "A Memory Grows" retreat. We both went into the weekend with a lot of fear, anxiety, & caution because we had

Retreat Reflections by Katie Shenck2017-04-22T10:16:47+00:00

A Bond Like No Other


I’ll never forget the first time I saw it. I was absentmindedly scrolling through my Facebook feed and there it was. A picture with their names. All three of them. I remember my thumb

A Bond Like No Other2017-01-03T19:18:09+00:00

Walking Into Healing


Two days ago I walked out of the hospital where my three children were born.  That statement in itself may not sound strange to you but to me it closed a part of my life

Walking Into Healing2016-09-22T17:17:40+00:00



If there is one word that I use to describe my son Max, it is love. Pure and simple. Love. I have loved and been loved my entire life but something happened within me


Shared Grief, Shared Love


One of the heavy thoughts that permeates the mind of a parent who has lost a child is often "Why me, how could this happen to me?" Many grieving parents feel guilt or even shame

Shared Grief, Shared Love2016-09-14T01:45:18+00:00
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