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Santa and Max


It is a place I've been going to for years. I always feel like a walking fashion faux pas the minute I step foot in the doors. My friend Kristie and I have spent

Santa and Max2017-12-23T14:06:35-06:00

Mother’s Day Dallas Morning News Article


The following was published in the Dallas Morning News on 5-12-17  : https://www.dallasnews.com/opinion/commentary/2017/05/12/mothers-day-remember-grieving Mother's Day for many is a celebration full of great joy. For others, it is one of the hardest days of the

Mother’s Day Dallas Morning News Article2017-05-12T17:56:39-05:00

Never Forgotten


“Do you know them?” A very simple question. A headline among at least 20 others. I immediately stopped scrolling and started reading. Thirteen “unclaimed” homeless veterans would be laid to rest at DFW National Cemetery.

Never Forgotten2017-04-26T20:11:19-05:00

A Bond Like No Other


I’ll never forget the first time I saw it. I was absentmindedly scrolling through my Facebook feed and there it was. A picture with their names. All three of them. I remember my thumb

A Bond Like No Other2017-01-04T00:08:21-06:00

Walking Into Healing


Two days ago I walked out of the hospital where my three children were born.  That statement in itself may not sound strange to you but to me it closed a part of my life

Walking Into Healing2017-01-03T20:13:36-06:00



If there is one word that I use to describe my son Max, it is love. Pure and simple. Love. I have loved and been loved my entire life but something happened within me


Shared Grief, Shared Love


One of the heavy thoughts that permeates the mind of a parent who has lost a child is often "Why me, how could this happen to me?" Many grieving parents feel guilt or even shame

Shared Grief, Shared Love2016-11-12T07:01:41-06:00
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