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Six Week Commitment Required
Wednesday Nights 7-8:00 CST
January 20-February 24

Patrick O’Malley’s book “Getting Grief Right: Finding Your Story of Love in the Sorrow of Loss” should be read by all who grieve. Dr. O’Malley is one of the leading Grief Therapists in the country and through his own life experiences and journey’s offers to others a path toward hope where love guides each step. During the six week conversation, DeAndrea will lead us in a discussion based on each chapter of the book and encourage us to reflect on our own journey’s in a raw and authentic way of feeling both the deep pain and the never-ending love that is a part of the journey of grieving the death of our children.

Purchasing and reading the book are strongly encouraged but not required. However due to the nature of this group we ask that you commit to all six weeks so that we may share stories, build community and find support during our time together!

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