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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. As we navigate the journey of grief sometimes we see something that triggers a flood of emotions ranging from deep sadness, to anger, to overflowing abundant love. Often times words do not adequately express what we feel and yet an image can speak for us.

As Mother’s Day approaches we invite you to find an image a day that speaks to your journey. Please share it with us on Social Media by tagging @amemorygrows and #amemorygrows. We hope that this community expression of both grief and love helps you to express your deepest feelings in a community that understands that love always carries on.

Join our Private Facebook Group to share your photos and support one another! Search for A Memory Grows Motherhood Photo Project 2021.

May 1 – Remembering
May 2 – Curiosity
May 3 – Fear
May 4 – Hope
May 5 – Anger/Sadness
May 6 – Triggers
May 7 – Connection
May 8 – Honoring
May 9 – Love

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