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Heart Root PaintingHeart Roots

The relationship that we share with our children is rooted in love. Just as our memories grow, over time the roots of love become deeper and stronger. Join us for this laid back gathering where we are led through creating a memorial painting that symbolizes the love we share with our children as well as the unique and ever growing bond that never ends.

*Supplies must be purchased on your own before the session.*

**Please, only register if you plan to attend the virtual session and participate fully in the experience.**

8×10 Canvas (Can be larger if desired.)
Acrylic Paints (Colors shown in picture include: black, white, red, yellow, green, blue, violet and pink. You may use any colors that you wish!)
Paintbrushes: 1 inch sponge brush, 2 small acrylic brushes of varying sizes
Cup of Water
Access to blow dryer to dry paint faster during stages.

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