Legacy Tree Campaign

Death Love And A Tree StumpThere is a tree that has withstood the unspeakable. It has weathered storms that were unimaginable until they arrived. It’s branches, once full, have changed with time and although they may now seem striped and bare, they still show evidence of life. Branches grow upward. Tiny blooms burst forth with love.

The tree is not the same as it once was but the tree tells a story that is not over, a story of legacy continuing to be written, a story of love that forever carries on.

This is the Legacy Tree.

Join us this holiday season as we share the stories of love and legacy of those whose lives have forever changed us and continue to inspire us. A Memory Grows is the safe space where parents find community, hope and healing as they remember, celebrate, honor and write the next chapter of their child’s story. Please help us continue to speak their names and share their stories of inspiration and love.

For questions or more information please contact DeAndrea, at DeAndrea@amemorygrows.org or 682-214-4608.

All gifts of $25 and above will receive a personalized custom ornament. Gifts to A Memory Grows are tax-deductible. The Legacy Tree Campaign will run through December 31, 2018. Donations received by November 27th can pick up their ornament at the Ceremony of Remembrance!

A custom Legacy Tree Mosaic will be created at the completion of the campaign and will include the names of all those who are remembered through these donations.

To donate and receive the personalized custom ornament, please fill out the form below and then go to our donations page to make your donation.

Legacy Tree Campaign Donation Form

We would love for you to share their story with us:

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Personalized Custom Ornament